(), the twins, having identical brains, would have roughly the same intelligence..txt
(), a policeman came to the scene..txt
() тебя, я опозд?#23398;?на р?#23398;咬唰洄?.txt
() мы ходили в кино..txt
()gets the first gift from Santa..txt
()a little more time to think, he might have acted more sensibly..txt
(), the steel capital of the country, is the oldest and largest steel making center..txt
(), (), ..txt
() вы будете пост?#23398;纓荮瘰洄?тов?#23398;猝?.txt
() стояли морозы, дети ходили гулять..txt
() were the major stimulant in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to vacations within the United States, Canada, and Europe..txt
() to your work and stop talking. 专心工作,不要说话。.txt
()appreciating your inquiry for Leather Shoes, we wish to inform you that this item is under the exclusivity of ABC Co..txt
() мы обычно всей семьёй ездим в музеи, на выст?#23398;纓堙?.txt
(),we could not have finished the work on time..txt
(), I went to the railway station to see my friend off..txt
() 用于指定毛坯的形状和大小,它与零件边界一起定义要切除的材料部分。.txt
() с?#23398;蕨唰荮拽洄?можно чит?#23398;洄?г?#23398;侑支洄?.txt
()and poor performance may begin to appear because of iron loss..txt
()any change in the date of delivery, please let us know in advance..txt
() в?#23398;?помочь .txt
(), I must do another experiment..txt
() 用于指定两道切削路径之间的横向距离。.txt
() с в?#23398;丕擐恣?собр?#23398;擐訌支?мы не можем поех?#23398;洄?на ужин..txt
() к?#23398;堙唰鴛?вопроса мы н?#23398;椐擐拽?обсужд?#23398;洄?.txt
(), we were not going to make any concessions to his unreasonable demands..txt
(), honesty, and honor may not give immediate rewards or gratification, and they can be life-threatening..txt
() 反对讲学和整饬书院。.txt
() предост?#23398;纓荮瘰支洄悃?пр?#23398;纓?з?#23398;堙荮皈椐学洄?контр?#23398;堙?.txt
() we see you again next year .txt
() to wait for hours, she brought along a book to read..txt
() you dislike ancient buildings, Warrick Castle is worth a visit..txt
() the student's amazement, their teacher gave everyone a A..txt
(), я уже н?#23398;岌訌悃学?контрольную р?#23398;咬唰洄? Можно выйти .txt
() we call the First Aid Centre, the doctors () by and by..txt
() this kind of question often () in your class, Alex .txt
() the storm, the ship would have reached its destination on time..txt
() к сведению, что мы будем з?#23398;堙学侑恣纓学洄?мебель..txt
() дело .txt
(), I have never seen a more capable man than John..txt
() 是指加工中要保留的材料部分。.txt
() you are grown up, you must learn to take your own responsibility..txt
() р?#23398;悃戔訌猝支擐訌?производства мы построим новый цех..txt
() was wrong..txt
() they were eating, they discussed the website..txt
() the search engine just gave me some brief introductions rather than the whole content of the book to read..txt
() the excitement of travel, one reason to go to XinJiang is that you'll know more about LouLan Kingdom..txt
() which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time..txt
() warns Tarzan to stay away from man and to protect this family..txt
() the truth, he wouldn’t have lent her any money..txt
() the police try to stop him, () he decides to rescue her..txt
() the difference in their ages they were good friends..txt
() з?#23398;瘰纓訌洄?в декл?#23398;猝学瑙訌?.txt
() you are blind, you will not miss the astonishing changes taking place in Shanghai..txt
() was the first one who revolutionized scientific thought in the UK..txt
() there is no rain, farming is difficult or impossible..txt
() the rain, she liked the trip..txt
() the essay a second time, the hidden meaning will become clearer to you..txt
() that he wasn’t happy with the arrangements, I tried to book a different hotel..txt
() гостиницы н?#23398;縐唰乍訌洄悃?рестор?#23398;?.txt
() your needs, please write to us with your specific enquiries..txt
() we know, hurricane is () to come..txt
() to the Revolutionary War, the United States was an English colony.txt
() the stress of examinations is over, we can all relax..txt
() the help of experienced career instructors, this type of job-hunting training () to be very efficient..txt
() what to do, I telephoned the police..txt
() the consignment will be ready for shipment in the early part of May..txt
() today, he would get there by Friday..txt
() some degree, both sides reach an agreement, from which both sides benefit a lot..txt
() recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical..txt
() the light of what you have told me, I will say that it is he who came here yesterday..txt
() of them shared my opinions, so we have () in common to discuss..txt
() you sign the contract,you can't break it..txt
() the day went on, the weather got worse and worse..txt
() more experience, he would have done it better..txt
() we heard the news, we held a dicussion..txt
() still shows coldness and doubt to Tarzan..txt
() this kind of question often () in your class, Alex .txt
() or sleep, this subject is always on my mind..txt
() the strenuous efforts from both sides, we wouldn’t have come to this happy ending..txt
() much is known about what occurs during sleep, the precise function of sleep and its different stages remains largely in the realm of assumption..txt
() the goods insured, you have to fill in this application form first..txt
() that’s important is that you are doing your best and moving in the right direction..txt
() some degree, both sides reach an agreement, from which both sides benefit a lot..txt
() receiving financial support from family, community or the government is allowed, it is never admired..txt
() of the boys in the class who have passed the test is to receive certificates..txt
() marries a Midian girl and comes back to his people with his wife..txt
() wind your watch every day .txt
() was known to them all that Bob had broken his promise () he would give them a rise..txt
() their real economic situations, they got some relief fund from the government..txt
() the pressure from work, teachers have to deal with psychological problems caused by interpersonal relationship..txt
() the enormous flow of food from the entire globe, these countries have for many years not felt any population pressure..txt
() that happen, what would we do .txt
() serve as the media between producers and retailers, or producers and wholesalers..txt
() our repeated requests, still we have not received your letter of credit up to now..txt
() no air or water, there would be no life in the world..txt
() it between you and me.这是我们之间的秘密。.txt
() the temperature falling so rapidly, we couldn’t go on with the experiment..txt
() the idioms are not easy to remember and use..txt
() the contrary, she was not the person you wanted..txt
() spite of the difficulties, he climbed the mountain by himself..txt
() refers to the universal code now attached to most goods, final and intermediate that identifies the particular product and its manufacturer..txt
() on students’ part is crucial to the success of a class..txt
() more than one() in the early morning, I would hear the cry of a neighboring child..txt
() is the volume of chemical goods..txt
() is the buddy of DJ and plans the exploration with him..txt
() in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded scholarships totaling $21,000..txt
() the help of their group, we would not have succeeded in the investigation..txt
() the contrary, she got the No.1, not just like many people expected..txt
() some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others..txt
() the expense, I () a round-the-world tour..txt
() refers to the sameness in meaning between two or more words..txt
() that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent..txt
() of water makes Death Valley a desert, but it is by no means devoid..txt
() she is not so healthy () she used to be .txt
() more information, they could make the plan better than it is now..txt
() is the theme song in Tarzan..txt
() quantities of water are being used nowadays with the rapid development of industry and agriculture..txt
() is the a kind of OS functions that implements resource sharing by the users of a computer system..txt
() of danger, he jumped into the river all at once..txt
() impressed me most was that all the players had shown strong team spirit on the sports field..txt
() killed the baby's family..txt
() is the most fundamental element for Armstrong's victory. (Armstrong Takes Another Tour de France ).txt
() has found a baby to the gorilla groups..txt
() is known to all,good friends () happiness and value to life..txt
() his support, I think we’ll win the election..txt
() everybody in our class hates the way the lessons are taught..txt
() that no one was ever prepared for it..txt
() she gave the postcards to .txt
() predominates in the farming economy of UK..txt
() objective tests, they use essay tests..txt
() it rains tomorrow, we'll go to the cinema..txt
() is the land English Colonists is exploring in the movie Pocahontas ..txt
() is a well-informed man. He can tell you anything you want to know..txt
() Sunday, rather than () at home, I preferred ()..txt
() him go out if he wants to..txt
() relates to the truthfulness of the data..txt
() our countries are developing countries..txt
() my car is being made ready for a long journey..txt
() is used to express compliments..txt
() is the chief of the Indian tribe in Pocahontas ..txt
() in our class went to the new movie but no one enjoyed it verr much..txt
() he was in error will scarcely be disputed by his warmest friends..txt
() difficulties we may come across, we’ll help one another to overcome them..txt
() served more than two terms in American history..txt
() please find a price list of our new products..txt
() no need to take any medicine () you are ill..txt
() it is true remains a question..txt
() is the financial institution that establishes an account with a merchant and processes payment card authorizations and payments..txt
() is a key factor in successfully moving products through the supply chain..txt
() do you believe is not about to support our plan .txt
() but a fool can make such a mistake..txt
() is the only branch that can make federal laws, and levy federal taxes..txt
() is reported in the newspaper is that seventeen climbers have been killed in the snow tsunami..txt
() I quit the game, you should take place of me..txt
() is used to express compliments..txt
() focus on cultural differences between Chinese and Western societies.txt
() is the center of the British financial system..txt
() children tend to prefer sweets to meat..txt
() in my family ever told me that I was fat and that I should be on a diet..txt
() as old as time, Song as old as rhyme.Beauty and the beast..txt
() has the power to interpret the constitution..txt
() , it is always possible to find out its volume..txt
() describes the way in which government purchases goods and services through electronic media such as Internet..txt
() is the one who can hear the ring of the bell now..txt
() ..txt
() behalf of every classmate, I ask you to stay here..txt
() is regarded as the most English of games..txt
() a mobile phone can you ring () you want to talk with anywhere ..txt
() I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man..txt
() everyone here, I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country..txt
() ..txt
() .txt
() care whether they have passed the entrance examination or not..txt
() are the most numerous in the minorities of the United States..txt
() () ..txt
() ..txt
() .() ..txt
() is the film set in Halloween..txt
() iron has relatively few economical uses..txt
() he was in Japan, he made many friends..txt
() do we go for picnics..txt
() boxer was strong, but() had a good build and was light on his feet..txt
() all the inventions have in common is () they have succeeded..txt
() ..txt
() ()..txt
() .txt
() ..txt
() .() .(根据教材内容回答).txt
() ..txt
('() 是 已普遍用作系词.txt
() ..txt
('古今汉语的询问句,还可根据询?#23454;?#26041;式分为 .txt
() has recently been done to provide more buses for the people, a shortage of public vehicles remains a serious problem..txt
() convincing an argument is, it needs support of evidence..txt
() at the meeting are some experienced teachers..txt
() .txt
() () ..txt
() .txt
() ..txt
('下列句子中 且 连接分句表示选择的是 .txt
(' 而 连接状语和中心语,状语的形式灵活多样,可以是 .txt
() cleanliness and comfort, Americans love having things that are new and different..txt
() at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes..txt
() , пож?#23398;荮濮郄悃洄? где здесь ост?#23398;擐唰纓堙??#23398;纓洄唰咬濮悃?()медленнее, я плохо поним?#23398;?по-русски..txt
() can get a better view of the game than the participants..txt
() are about the American Independent War..txt
() provides incentives to customers such as redeemable points or coupons for making purchases from associated retailers..txt
() .txt
() .txt
() .txt
() .txt
() ..txt
() can be good at something for 40 years if he doesn’t love it..txt
('“妾之美我者畏我也。?#20445;?#25112;国策 齐策)这句话是动词谓语句,也是陈述句。.txt
() and () have both linguistic outcome and non-liuguistic outcome..txt
() ..txt
() .txt
() bored beneath the English Channel now links the UK with France..txt
() ..txt
() abroad for a tour can be a great honor for an ordinary person like me..txt
() .txt
(' 为 字式的介词 为 和 于 字式中的 于 一样,本身并不表示被动,只是引进?#24418;?#20027;动者。.txt
( )是计算机图形学领域中最早用来表示形体的模型,?#20004;?#20173;在广泛应用。.txt
() ..txt
( )是 经济人 观点的典型代表,他主张把管理者与生产工人严格分开,反对工人参加企业管理。.txt
() ..txt
() ..txt
() ..txt
('古今汉语的名词词组在语法上具有下列共同的特点 .txt
('()是指以动词为中心词 (构成的词组.txt
(' 被 字表示被动的用法,大约产生于).txt
( )是指当事人自愿采用的标准.txt
() and () are necessary conditions for tourism..txt
( )不是典型过渡过程的基本形式。.txt
() () () ..txt
( )是会计核算对象的基本分类。.txt
( ()はあなたのかばんで?#24037;?).txt
() .txt
() .txt
((下列结构中是连动词组的是 .txt
('古今汉语的名词组合功能基本相同,表现为 .txt
( )是建设工程程序的第一个步骤.txt
( 靴を( )まま、家の中に入りました。 ).txt
(' 被 字带施事者的被动式产生于东汉末。).txt
( )是自我实现人的工作根?#24452;?#26426;。.txt
( )可以使各级主管人员全面了解整个组织的不同工作内容,得到各种不同的经验,为其今后在?#32454;?#23618;次上任职打下基础.txt
( ( )?#24037;欷小?#26085;本語の新聞が読めるようになりま?#24037;?).txt
( ?#35838;荬?#37749;を(忘れる)ないでください。 ).txt
( 私は李さん()一緒に学校へ行きます。 ).txt
( 王さんは学生です。陳さん()学生で?#24037;?).txt
( 李さんは?#21333;氓ǎ?#22909;きです。 ).txt
('古今汉语的名词组合功能不同表现为 .txt
( )面试以穷追不舍的方式对空缺职位工作中的某一项发问,逐渐深入,详细而彻底,直至被试者无话可答。.txt
(' 被 字式产生后能在口语里取代先秦汉语的几种被动句式的原因是 .txt
( )是保险人预?#32570;?#21046;以供投保人提出保险要约时使用的格式文书。.txt
( )用来减少车刀与工件已加工表面之间的摩擦。.txt
( ()行きま?#24037;!?#26126;?#25307;肖蓼埂?).txt
( )是从过去经验中得到的,是对自?#19994;娜现?#21457;现,它组织和指导与自我有关的信息加工。.txt
( 電話は()で?#24037;!ⅳ餞長扦埂?).txt
( (七月)、一日にテス?#36259;ⅳ轆蓼埂?).txt
( 車を( )ために、毎月貯金を?#24037;毪長趣摔筏蓼筏俊?).txt
( 陳さんは日本旅行()社員です。 ).txt
( 私のどこが悪かったのか、どう?#20855;h慮なく( )ください。 ).txt
( 私()李です。 ).txt
( 毎晩、12時( )寝ます。 ).txt
( 日本語を話?#24037;韋?#19978;手に( )きました。 ).txt
( )是组织对人力资源进行管理的起点、.txt
( )包括?#35838;?#24314;筑术语、建筑统一模数、建筑物等级划分等.txt
( 高い山に( )のは大変です。 ).txt
( 留学?#24037;? )に、今お金をためています。 ).txt
( 東京?#21619;媳本─瑜輳?#23506;い)ないです。 ).txt
( 日本に( )から、もう五年になりました。 ).txt
( 道に(古い)自転車が?#24037;幛皮い蓼埂?).txt
( 私は大学を卒業したら、日本の会社で働く( )です。 ).txt
( 王さんは先生です()。~はい、先生です。 ).txt
( 暗くなってきたので、( )失礼します。 ).txt
( 弟は(急い)で外へ出て行きました。 ).txt
( 夏は、(?#25252;螭郡?したものが?#24037;?#20094;く。 ).txt
( )是迄今为止最广泛、最基本的保护工业产权的国际公约,包括了对专利权和商标权的保护.txt
( )是不影响任何文本的单个标记,在文档中插入对象来修饰网页。.txt
( (どうぶ?#27169;?#22290;の入場料は八百円です。 ).txt
( 長い紐を半分に(きりました)。 ).txt
( 私は?#20445;?#26178;にご飯()食べます。 ).txt
( 田中さんは東京に(住む)でいます。 ).txt
( 東京に行った?#36259;?#26032;宿?#21361;?)に驚きました。 ).txt
( 教室でものを(食べる)てはいけま?#25252;蟆?).txt
( 好きな人の前で( )してしまって、上手に話?#25252;勝盲俊?).txt
( 医者にお酒を飲んでは( )と?#39044;銫欷郡螭扦工?#26152;日少し飲みました。 ).txt
( 一週間も前に連絡したのに、どうして準備ができていない( )。 ).txt
( )不是波德莱尔的散文诗集。.txt
( 順番にお呼びしま?#24037;欏ⅳ長瀝槨? )に並んで、お待ちください。 ).txt
( 週末()をしま?#24037;!?#21451;達と映画を見ます。 ).txt
( 私はあの人?#25991;? )?#36259;長恧?#22909;きです。 ).txt
( ( )な?#36259;い盲郡韋恕ⅳ勝激筏郡螭扦工?).txt
( 王さんはコーヒーを(飲む)でいます。 ).txt
( 銀行は()で?#24037;!ⅳ餞長扦埂?).txt
( 私は野菜しか( )。 ).txt
( 田中さんは?#36259;皮猓?)そうだったので、私が代わりに行ってあげました。 ).txt
( 昨日テレビを(見る)た?~ううん、見なかった。 ).txt
( ?#25945;銫丹螭稀?時に来ると?#39044;盲皮い郡韋恰ⅳ玀Δ工?#26469;る( )です。.txt
( 声が小さかったので、後ろの席の人はよく( )ま?#25252;螭扦筏俊?txt
( 靴を(脱ぐ)ないでください。.txt
( 李さんは電車に(乗る)ました。 ).txt
( 先日買った( )の車をぶつけて壊してしまった。 ).txt
( 息子は医者に(なる)ました。.txt
( わたしがピアノを習い( )のは、小学生5年生の時です。 ).txt
( 奈良は(静かだ)町です。 ).txt
( それは()で?#24037;!?#26412;です。 ).txt
( 北海道に( )なら、春がいいで?#24037;琛?).txt
( タクシー()家へ帰ります。 ).txt
( 週末(泳ぐ)に行きま?#25252;螭?).txt
( 雨の日はよく(一人)で映画を見ます。 ).txt
( 花子さん、今年()で?#24037;?txt
( 私の趣味は切手を(あつめる)こ?#36259;扦埂?).txt
( 犬は猫よりも役に( )。 ).txt
( ?#39044;坤幛坤妊预盲郡韋恕?#23665;本さんはしよう( )しました。 ).txt
( この電子辞書はボダンが小さ?#24037;毪韋恰⑹工? )です。 ).txt
( だんだん仕事が楽しくなって( )。 ).txt
( お金がないので、買うか( )か,まだ決めていま?#25252;蟆?).txt
( これから?#39044;Γ?)をノー?#36259;?#26360;いてください。 ).txt
( 明日は(残業?#24037;耄─勝皮玀いい扦埂?).txt
( 山下課長なら、( )廊下?#19988;姢蓼筏郡琛?).txt
( 森さんは(親切です)やさしいです。.txt
( 土曜日()本を返さなければなりま?#25252;蟆?).txt
( 日本語の新聞が読める( )になりたい。 ).txt
( 休日は料理を(作り)ます。 ).txt
( 家から駅()歩きます。 ).txt
( やっと仕事が終わり( )ね。 ).txt
( それは思っていた( )難しくなかったです。 ).txt
( ここに名前()書いてください。 ).txt
( 近所の店?#20999;?#32862;と(牛乳)を買いました。 ).txt
( 私の父?#22799;郡?わるい)です。 ).txt
( 友達に花を(上げる)ました。 ).txt
( 今日は()で?#24037;!?#28779;曜日です。 ).txt
( ほかの人は皆都合が悪かったので、一人?#20999;肖?)になりました。 ).txt
( さっきジョンさんと( )人があなたに会いに来ましたよ。 ).txt
( この紙に、なまえと(住所)を書いてください。 ).txt
( あ、ここの入れておいたケーキがない!後で食べよう?#20154;激盲皮い浚?)。 ).txt
( お湯が( )、これを入れて、10分くらい待ってください。.txt
( 熱があるのなら、会社を休んだ( )がいいで?#24037;琛?).txt
( 早ければ早い( )いいんで?#24037;ⅳい膜蓼扦摔扦蓼工?).txt
( この映画は?#36259;皮?#38754;白かったです。( )もう一度見たいで?#24037;汀?).txt
( あんなにお酒を飲んだんだから、気持ちが悪くなるのは( )。.txt
( 小野さんと映画を(見る)ます。 ).txt
( 図書館から本を(借りる)ました。 ).txt
( 今()で?#24037;!?#20845;時です。 ).txt
( 101, 88, 46, 70, 34, 39, 45, 58, 66, 10)是?#36873;?txt
( もっと早く( )と?#39044;銫欷郡ⅳ長?#20197;上早く?#24037;毪韋?#28961;理だ。 ).txt
( それなら、私( )できる?#20154;激い蓼埂?).txt
( この本?#38505;iみ始めたばかりなので、面白いかどうか分かり( )。 ).txt
( あんな暑い?#36259;長恧丐险lも( )がらないでしょう。 ).txt
( A )是绩效考核中比较简单易行的一种综合比较方法.txt
( ),保险合同部分无效。.txt
( 彼はそ?#38382;?#20107;を?#24037;毪韋頡ⅳ趣皮玀い? )いる。 ).txt
( 太郎くんは()で?#24037;!?#20843;歳です。 ).txt
( ?#26412;─?行く)たこ?#36259;ⅳ轆蓼埂?).txt
( クラ?#24037;?#20013;で、私一人だけできなくて、?#36259;皮? )かった。 ).txt
( 家で仕事を(?#24037;耄─皮玀いい扦埂?).txt
( たぶん五千円で足りると( )、心配だから、一万?#39029;證盲?#34892;こう。 ).txt
( 古い雑誌と新聞、この( )で縛ってから、捨ててください。 ).txt
( こ?#21361;à丹?はひゃくえんです。 ).txt
( 今調べている( )で?#24037;欏ⅳ玀Δ工長筏蓼瀝坤丹ぁ?).txt
( ほしい物がありました。でも、値段を見た(驚いた)んです。 ).txt
( 学校が遠いので、家に(かえる)のは8時です。 ).txt
( 友達と日本()旅行に行きます。 ).txt
( 久しぶりに日本に来て、物価?#21361;?)に驚きました。 ).txt
( ほかの人は皆来たけれども、川田さん( )来ま?#25252;螭扦筏俊?).txt
( かばんを( )ずに、出かけました。 ).txt
( さっきから田中さんばかり話しています。私たちも意見を( )ください。 ).txt
( こ?#36829;欹些`を引く?#21462;?#27231;械が(?#24037;蓼?ます。 ).txt
( あの人は()で?#24037;!?#26446;さんです。 ).txt
( それでは会議を始めま?#24037;欏⒔预丹? )についてください。 ).txt
( この本は(安い)て、面白いです。 ).txt
(    )法能做到连续,均衡而有节奏地组织施工。.txt
( ),验算其稳定性。.txt
( ),朝廷中出?#33267;?#26368;早的秘书机构——太史寮。.txt
( ),也称为行政侵权赔偿,是指行政主体及其工作人员在行政管理过程中,违法行使职权,侵犯公民、法人和其他组织的合法权益并造成损害,由国家给予赔偿。.txt
( )风格的学习者能通过试误法,从探索经验中迅速得出结论,他们?#19981;?#25945;学游戏、模拟,愿意独立?#26800;?#35774;计项目。.txt